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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Belated post

Why have I disappeared from this blog????????????

Because I am currently living in Amsterdam for the month of April, specifically till May 3rd. So before my departure from Toronto I was prepping as well as working pretty much everyday. Maybe had 3 days off for all of the past 4 months. Doing freelance makeup, The Brow House and keeping up with my fitness served me barely any time to blog and get inspired. Along with tax season.....don't get me started about that!

I know that's pretty rad right? So I've been here for a week taking it pretty easy, let's face it as much I love my job(s) I'm a nomads, love to travel and needed to experience new people and new places. So I've done all the touristy things and literally just roamed the city. Can I tell you something, I still haven't experienced mediocre food? Seriously, everything is so good. Not only that I live in the best damn area! Steps from the farmer's market, a walk away from a super cool coffee shop called Coffee and Coconuts (a featured blog on that later) and so close to the city centre you can smell it! (not literally, figuratively) Literally dream location for me! #manifestyourdreamlife

After a week of being here, I'm doing a couple of shoots this weekend, WOOHOO! Super psyched to be working with a talented team. And to be living out one of my many passions of doing makeup & hair.

I've had "me time", traveled, explored. I feel amazing, I even reconnect with a friend I haven't seen in 4 years! It's been amazing so far, I know it's only getting better!

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Sending Love & Hugs! Some awesome blogs coming up soon!
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