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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Feeling great while traveling

Good morning my Nomadic Beauty readers,

As I was sitting waiting for my flight in Boston Logan Airport I was inspired to write about how to stay feeling comfortable throughout your travels. Avoiding anxiety, fidgetiness, soar muscles (from sitting) & how to over all feel great during your trip.

1. If you've got a long flight ahead of you make sure to exercise before trip. If you have a later flight then day of is ideal. For example I went for a run this morning then did my squats, lunges and core workout using my own body weights since I did not have access to a gym.
If you've got an early flight then  make sure to get a workout in the day before. Either way try to get some fresh air since you'll be inside for many hours.

The view during my run before my flight.
2. STRETCH - WHY? Because by stretching you will improve your circulation, relieve anxiety and massage your internal organs. While waitng between flights bust out some yoga posses and deep breathing to bring you back to yourself.

3.  Avoid super sweet and salty foods. These foods can make you bloated and mess with your hormones. You're already stressing your body by changing times zones and environments. Try to eat more natural foods if you can. I always carry a few protein bars and shakes as well as a banana and apple and some veggies with me so that I don't have to rely on "convenient" food available at airports. Here are the bars and shakes that I love & travel with:

And of course remember to drink lots of water. Throw in an empty reusable water bottle  into your carry so that you can refill from water fountains at the airport.

4.  Last but not least. Stay in a positive attitude. Line ups, crowds, security checks and delays can get annoying and frustrating.  But not letting things get to you is the best choice. Smile at everyone you come in contact with, who knows you might just make their day, but your also more likely of having a pleasant experience with them.

Till next time !

Natalia xo


Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Hello Everybody,

I'd love to welcome you to my blog and thank you for visiting. In this blog what you will receive valuable information on the beauty industry, beauty & travel, health and wellness and of course yes, how to achieve everyday Radiance (self love).

With my first blog I'd love to start you off with a tidbit about what to apply so that you stay comfortable & keep looking fresh throughout your trip:

Well Arbonne's Got You Covered Mineral Foundation has defiantly got me covered, applied with a Duo Fibre Stipple Brush. Long lasting without having to touch up much and not feeling like your wearing makeup. Next having my brows at least slightly filled in always helps me feel more awake. I love Annabelle's retractable brow pencils. Mascara is like my religion so I always apply. If im on a shorter flight like this one I've added a bit of brown eyeshadow as liner to define my eyes.

My hair naturally has a waves to it so I just keeped it in its natural state with a pump of Arbonne's Texturing Mousse for some volume & defined it with Marc Anthony's Beach Spray (smells like coconut).

Thank you for visiting, 
Yours truly,