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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Happy International Coffee Day!

A day late...but,

Happy ‪#‎InternationalCoffeeDay‬ !!!! Lipstick & Coffee ♡

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Travel Tips

On my way home!!!!

Bring an empty water bottle with you in your carry on to ensure you're getting your proper intake of water throughout your travels. 

I always bring on of my big square polish scarves with me on the plane. Use it as a scarf, shawl, fold into a pillow or even use as a blanket. My scarves have already traveled with me from one side of the world to the other. Wonder what adventures we will go on next?! 


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Top Things To Carry In Your Purse For Fall

Now, if your like me and generally change your purse on a daily basis, I suggest having a small travel pouch that you can easily transfer from purse to purse.  It's a great time saver for an on-the-go urban girl.

First off, I recommend throwing in a lip balm, especially with the season now changing to colder dryer weather you might experience chapped  lips.  I love Arbonne's "Lip Saver", botanically based & paraben free!

Blotting tissues, are a great way to  touch up in between meetings, gigs or classes. Absorbing excess oil without disrupting your makeup. Remember, BLOT DON'T RUB. Although I don't recommend shopping at the body shop for skin care (read the ingredients) I have fallen in love with their blotting tissues. 

Mattifying Powder, another great way to touch up your makeup. After blotting with the tissues, just dabbing a bit of powder to keep your face makeup in place. Arbonne's "FC5 Mattifying Powder" works best, a pressed powder that comes in a compact with a mirror and sponge. If you are prone to redness this powder is perfect for you because the powder is lightly tinted green which cancels out any redness on skin.

Lipstick, of course if you've applied lipstick that day, toss it in. If it's a pink toned lipstick you can also use it as blush, just dab some one your cheek to liven up your face when nearing close to the end of the day. 
Visine, if you find that your eyes tend to get itchy or red when the dryer seasons arrive throw this little bottle into your travel pouch for a quick fix!

May this helps your transition into fall!


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Moderately Transitioning to Fall!

With the cooler weather coming, today I've busted out my booties and ripped jeans paired with an oversized sweater white sweater.

Going a bit back to the 90's to match the ripped jeans I've applied a subtle brown lipstick. And softened the look with a larger curling iron to tame my very textured hair. 

Perfect for a sunny day on the streets of Toronto, spent with an afternoon at a local coffee shop.