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Friday, 23 January 2015

5 Night Lip Repair!

Did 3/5 nights already with Bite's all natural 5 Night Lip Repair! Loving both the Cherry Lip Scrub & Agave Lip Mask♡

Full review coming up after the 5th night!


Monday, 19 January 2015

How I became an ex procrastinator

As an ex chronic procrastinator I've adapted the phrase "JUST DO IT" 

Why?! Because the longer you procrastinate the more things pile up & the more things you've got to think about in the long run. This past year have adapted these habits (not perfectly yet, but I’m getting there) and I’ve definitely developed a better quality of life. Here are some ways to help you get things done. 

Wake up. Make a list. 
I know how this might sound! But wait a minute,
I'm serious. Take 5 minutes in the morning to figure out what you can
get done that day. 

Instead of keeping all that in your head, here are a few
ways you can organize these:
      - Plug it into your phone calendar and set reminders
      -Write it down in your notebook, where you can cross things off as you get them done
      -Download the app "Anydo", it reminds you to plug things in and set reminders

Create a morning routine.
Create a morning routine that you enjoy. 

Buy a really nice mug that you will look forward to drinking your morning coffee or tea from.
Wake up early enough so that you’re not in a crazed frenzy getting ready to leave your house.

Eat a breakfast you enjoy.
Blast the radio to get you pumped for the day. 
Remind yourself of things that you enjoy and see how you can incorporate them into your
mornings.  (working out, reading, dancing, ect)

Create a schedule. Your schedule.
Once a week, sit down and organize your week.

Give everything that you need or want to get done space.
Create space. Plug it into your calendar.Set reminders. If you want to workout out 4 times a week,
write it into your calendar, if you need to get your laundry done on Sunday, write it into your
calendar. This has helped me tremendously at staying organized and getting more things done in a
day than I thought possible! 

It’s a beautiful feeling!

Stop scrolling.
It’s a sick disease nowadays, it’s a time killer, but also a killer of time. 
Although I claim to mostly use social media for my work and research, I still get caught “late 
night browsing”. That half hour you just spent scrolling looking at other people’s lives? Well 
you just wasted your own when you have been getting things done or ahem sleeping? It’s nice to stop
thinking for a bit but try to start monitoring how much time you actually 
spend “browsing” social media. You might be surprised. 

Keep your promises
But don’t punish yourself when you don’t get around to doing them.

What I mean is that sometimes we like to put a lot of things on that list to get done, and
sometimes we can’t get around to doing all of them. And that’s ok. Don’t dwell on it, just 
reschedule it for another day. And make sure you get them done next time. 

Just do it.
If something small pops up in your day and you have time for it? Just do it. It’ll be out of the
way and one less thing taking up space in your brain. Getting things accomplished is so
fulfilling! You should try it!;)

Wishing all you more quality over quantity in your beautiful lives!
Nomadic Beauty


Monday, 12 January 2015

Winter. One Easy Step to Protect Your Skin.

Everyone's skin takes a bit of a beating in the area of hydration in the winter. Keeping your skin from flaking and getting dry has proved to be a bit of a challenge and taking a bit more time and effort with your skin care routine. Even when inside, the dry heat can be damaging.

Like an answer to my prayers, I came across some advice to use primer in the winter to protect your face. In the winter, I would normally set aside my primer because I don't quite need it because my skin isn't as oily, so my makeup stays in place all day without it. 

As my Torontonian readers know, the past couple of weeks have gone down to -20C, so it was the perfect time to test this theory. Before trying out this theory I would find my skin being more red, irritated and dry than normal because of the cold.

After testing this theory for a few weeks, to my pleasant observation, my skin isn't as dry as before & redness and irritation has drastically decreased. Yet temperatures are still in the minuses!

Everyone has heard of primers, but what are they actually for? 
Primers are used as a base to created a layer between your skin and your makeup for a smoother application, to increase your makeup's longevity and some primers absorb your skin's oils, have SPF protection and some contain antioxidants such as A, C & E or grape seed or green tea extract. 

Most primers are silicone or water based. Some are tinted for colour correction and others can leave you with a pearlized finish. 

It usually takes a bit of time to find a primer that works for you and your skin. I've had a lot of difficulty because more primers cause me to break out, because come can really clog your pores. But I've finally found one that works for me and I've never broken out from and it's Arbonne's Makeup Primer.


So there you are my Nomadic Beauty readers, a little titbit for Beauty Monday! 
Nomadic Beauty


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Knit on knit on knit!

Feeling the chill today in Toronto -15C! Knit on knit on knit all day! Paired with my fav high waisted jeans from Guess!
On set on vintage shoot this morning.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Beauty Monday: December Favourites

During December I've had some products really stood out! Here they are!

1.  My number ONE is Benefit's High Brow highlighting pencil. Great for highlighting right under your brow for some height as well as in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten up!

My number TWO is Urban Decay's Eye Primer is perfect for your holiday shimmers! Keeps your shadows in place all day & all night! If you feel like going a little bit more natural for a day, this is perfect to apply alone, along with some mascara.

My number THREE is Makeup Forever's Limited Edition Studio Kit, this is a fun one! I love this for the holidays! And you can totally rock these colours for January & February. It comes with some nice natural ones and some really nice fun ones! It even comes with a booklet of which colours to combine for makeup newbies!

These are my top 3 favourites for December! If you'd like to find out about my whole list of December Favourites check out my video here: